about us

about us

Founder / Pilot – Matthias Pieper

Technician, producer, entrepreneur – Matthias Pieper offers the rare combination of technical know-how, operating skills, creativity and more than ten years of experience as an international producer. This results in efficient workflows, set knowledge, very good customer communication, professionalism, improvisation skills, flexibility, technical developments and autonomous working methods.

The special technical competencies primarily stem from the education as a physical technical assistant and the 22 years of experience in RC model making plus the participations and podium finishes at German and European championships alike. Furthermore, Matthias Pieper studied Mechanical Engineering and successfully completed his studies in Applied Media Business.


22 years of expertise in technical development & on-set prodution

– Professional and experienced service provider with expertise

– Sophisticated & cutting edge systems thanks to years of innovation and development

– Seamless and proactive integration into production processes

– Numerous recurring and renowned customers (see references)



Efficient handling of the shootings

– Fast and effective obtainment of permissions thanks to a substantial network 

– Permissions for highly restricted areas through special technology and political approvals

– Flexible and fast deployment through international production offices



Highest quality, minimal risk

– Maximum safety on set through professional handling

– Comprehensive insurance for camera technology, radio links, etc. for the unlikely event of damage

– Redundant systems including e.g. frequency hopping technology, dual power supply, dual receiver, etc.



Flexible operation possibilities through technical innovation

– Personnel and time savings while still attaining the highest quality

– Individual and new technical possibilities for scheduled shootings and more

– Flexible operations through  quick-change systems, system compatibility, grid-independent power supply and charging technology