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CDS Drones – Stabilizes your pictures with high end gimbal systems. You can choose between different settings, concerning the technical setup on your Systems. We can provide you our technical services as well as a whole service including camera operator on set.

In former days the steadycam was the only way to stabilize camera movement and to offer the required mobilty in action sequences on feet. Thanks to the high performance systems from CDS Drones we are able to stabilize even more precisely with less efford, higher compactness, higher flexibility and lower costs.

The integrated remote system offers the possibility that either the operator himself can frame the picture or an extra cameraman can take control via remote from a completely different location.

For further details and booking you are welcome to send us an eMail

Technical Details

• Underslung and briefcase mode
• lightweight system (2,4 kg)
• Payload 7kg
• Full HD (1080p) wireless videolink
• 17 redundant frequencies
• 14 redundant remote functions
• ready to go a couple of minutes
• Battery quick change (30 Sec.)