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CDS Drones – RC Camera-Car is a made in Germany product, which could be used on- and offroad for spectacular motion pictures from a new perspective. It has four wheel drive and a absolutely steady camera mount also able to carry heavy payloads as well as 360°-camera rigs and is fully remote controlled.

More and more camera vehicles are used for shootings, especially for driving sequences at land or on water to capture the advertised vehicles and present them in motion through dynamic scenes. Besides that dollies are used in studios for very precise camera movements.
Russian Arms, rail systems or other unhandy and costly constructions had often been used for this pictures.

With CDS Drones – RC Camera-Car this expenses can be kept low and at the same time there is the possibility to use the system multifunctional.
Thanks to the quick-change systems we are also able to change between innumerable different camera mounting positions – From RC-Car, handheld or drone within seconds.

For further details and booking you are welcome to send us an eMail

Technical Details

• 4WD – four wheel drive
• On- and Offroad
• Power > 5,5KW
• speed > 60 kph
• Payload 7kg
• Full HD (1080p) wireless videolink
• 30 Telemetry channels
• 17 redundant frequencies
• 2 x 14 redundant remote functions
• ready to go in one minute
• fail safe
• drive time (full payload) >30 Min.
• Battery quick change (60 Sec.)
• Gimbal & Payload quick change (60 Sec.)