DroneShuttle – tech development

Matthias Pieper with CDS Drones came up with the idea to create a multifunctional production vehicle which is capable to fulfill all the professional film-production requirements and beyond besides setting a new reference in functionality and quality.
Moritz Baumann with Audi City Berlin realized the new opportunities of this car and the advantages for the productions straight away and committed himself to this project directly. This happened in December 2016.

Matthias Pieper with CDS Drones developed multiple special features for this car within just one month based on his 12year on set experiences and 22years in technical development. In the meanwhile the Audi Headquarters in Ingolstadt had been briefed about the DroneShuttle project and decided to launch the DroneShuttle on the Berlinale as an official Audi Project supported by the german Audi marketing team.

With only one month left until the Berlinale started at the 09th of February 2017 Matthias and his Engineers build and tested Matthias ideas incl. applying for international patents for their developments.
In the meanwhile the Audi engineers and designers also realized some ideas Matthias came up with and added some special features to the already fully equipped Audi Q7 e-tron.

Just in time the car was ready for the public and had successfully been launched on the red carpet on the opening night of the Berlinale 2017.

Since than the car had been to several workshops, presentations and was already successfully used on set.

For further details and booking please contact us at CDS Drones – mail@cds-drones.com

Special Features & Technical details

• independent in traveling and on set (no extra logistics needed)
• live-monitoring incl. recording on board (atomos inferno) and in camera
• LTE-Hotspot for live online-streaming, internet and data upload to production server
• remote camera stabilization system for car to car shots (front, back and roof mounting positions)
• 17kw on board battery – charging for drone, equipment, live-Monitoring, etc.
• 50km silent drive – fully electric for dialog scenes, etc.
• new tracking shot options – from dialog tracking shot into aerial shot (patent pending)
• Droneport (starting/landing on the car) and adaptable cameramounts (patent pending)
• live – latency free – wireless 1080p video feed
• main drone, gimbal, cameras, monitoring and video feeds on board
• Audi Q7 e-Tron
• power 370hp (hybrid)
• vMax up to 240 kph
• 0-100kph ~ 6.0 Sec.
• 17kWh on board battery
• 12V/48V/230V on board plugs
• LTE hotspot on board
• air condition and pre-heating
• 50km fully electric silent drive
• air suspension with six drive modes / heights (all terrain)
• quattro / all wheel drive
• glass-sunroof – free field of view for drone flights
• fully stabilized remote head camera mounts around the car
• fully stabilized drone port (take off and landing on the car)
• fully remote control for drone and cameras from car
• full HD (1080p) latency free (< 10mS) wireless video link
• optional satellite uplink

• CDS Hexa- / Octo-Copter
• power 4KW (electric)
• vMax up to 110 kph (depending on payload)
• 30 Telemetry channels
• up to 75 redundant radio control frequencies
• >5km range • redundant battery system
• 14 redundant remote functions
• ready for takeoff in < 5 minutes
• multiple GPS positioning
• GPS fail safe / coming home + flight recorder
• operating temperaturs -10°C to +40°C
• flight time up to 30min (depending on payload)
• battery quick change (60 Sec.)
• gimbal & Payload quick change (60 Sec.)
• highly transportable (foldable for airplane transport)
• full HD (1080p) latency free (< 10mS) wireless video link

AUDI A4 – commercial

For AUDI´s german and also international commercials of the new A4 models, the A4 limousine and the A4 Avant, Camera Drone Services was responsible for all aerial shoots. The production took place on an airfield north of Barcelona (ES) an was pretty special concerning flying conditions. We had to fly between two moving cars, one we sat on and the all new AUDI A4 we had to film with our drone system. With our  independent power management and charging solutions we had been able to produce the whole day right on the production truck whilst flying the drone from the same one. With our flying experience and our high performance drones we had been able to capture all driving maneuvers and high speed flights on heights you would usually need a “russian arm” for.