100. Jahre UFA – documentary

For the documentary 100. Jahre UFA, produced by SWR we had been able to produce the important aerials at Studio Babelsberg where the well know production company UFA has its roots.

The Director Dr. Sigrid Faltin used the drone as a multifunctional tool to create long tracking shots which start at low heights which usually had been shot with a steady cam over mid-heights and camera movements a crane would usually had been used for up to 100m aerials.

With this flexibel CDS Drones – Setup we had been able to fulfill all production requirements and beyond.



Berlin Station – tv series (US)

The second season of the US tv series Berlin Station produced by Paramount PicturesStudio Babelsberg and Michael Scheel took advantage of the versatilely of CDS Drones and its operators. For very special roof top chasing scenes filmed on Arri Mini, we had to fly in courtyards and street canyons besides crossing different roof height and stories of the bulding the chases took place on.
Despite having wind gusts up to 62kph on and over the roof tops we had been able to deliver steady pictures anyway.
Thanks to our quick releases, foldable systems and our easy to transport systems we had been able to cover all different locations in a very short time and give the production more time they could use for other shots they could do additionally to the planned ones.
Thanks to the wonderful team of Berlin Station which helped carrying things around and taking care of our stuff we also had a great experience concerning the understanding of necessary safety rules especially in these harsh weather conditions and special spots we had to start, land and fly through in the inner city of Berlin.

Edeka – commercial

For this very special Production with Parasol Island and Jung von Matt for Edeka, CDS Drones had to start and land on a small fisher boat in very windy conditions besides changing wave heights.
The production shot on Arri Mini and the RED Weapon W 8K Helium, for the drone, requires very precise flight maneuvers for moving pictures of the moving boat and the fisherman working on it whilst having flybys with keeping the fisherman in the focus.
With every flight the boat was moving forward besides moving in the waves and wind and we had to appraise the movements, wind, waves and the crossings of the moving boat and the flying drone to get the pictures needed and beyond.
Starting and landing was like having a ball dancing on hose water.
Very challenging and fun too with a satisfied client and a great team experience.


DroneShuttle – tech development

Matthias Pieper with CDS Drones came up with the idea to create a multifunctional production vehicle which is capable to fulfill all the professional film-production requirements and beyond besides setting a new reference in functionality and quality.
Moritz Baumann with Audi City Berlin realized the new opportunities of this car and the advantages for the productions straight away and committed himself to this project directly. This happened in December 2016.

Matthias Pieper with CDS Drones developed multiple special features for this car within just one month based on his 12year on set experiences and 22years in technical development. In the meanwhile the Audi Headquarters in Ingolstadt had been briefed about the DroneShuttle project and decided to launch the DroneShuttle on the Berlinale as an official Audi Project supported by the german Audi marketing team.

With only one month left until the Berlinale started at the 09th of February 2017 Matthias and his Engineers build and tested Matthias ideas incl. applying for international patents for their developments.
In the meanwhile the Audi engineers and designers also realized some ideas Matthias came up with and added some special features to the already fully equipped Audi Q7 e-tron.

Just in time the car was ready for the public and had successfully been launched on the red carpet on the opening night of the Berlinale 2017.

Since than the car had been to several workshops, presentations and was already successfully used on set.

For further details and booking please contact us at CDS Drones – mail@cds-drones.com

Special Features & Technical details

• independent in traveling and on set (no extra logistics needed)
• live-monitoring incl. recording on board (atomos inferno) and in camera
• LTE-Hotspot for live online-streaming, internet and data upload to production server
• remote camera stabilization system for car to car shots (front, back and roof mounting positions)
• 17kw on board battery – charging for drone, equipment, live-Monitoring, etc.
• 50km silent drive – fully electric for dialog scenes, etc.
• new tracking shot options – from dialog tracking shot into aerial shot (patent pending)
• Droneport (starting/landing on the car) and adaptable cameramounts (patent pending)
• live – latency free – wireless 1080p video feed
• main drone, gimbal, cameras, monitoring and video feeds on board
• Audi Q7 e-Tron
• power 370hp (hybrid)
• vMax up to 240 kph
• 0-100kph ~ 6.0 Sec.
• 17kWh on board battery
• 12V/48V/230V on board plugs
• LTE hotspot on board
• air condition and pre-heating
• 50km fully electric silent drive
• air suspension with six drive modes / heights (all terrain)
• quattro / all wheel drive
• glass-sunroof – free field of view for drone flights
• fully stabilized remote head camera mounts around the car
• fully stabilized drone port (take off and landing on the car)
• fully remote control for drone and cameras from car
• full HD (1080p) latency free (< 10mS) wireless video link
• optional satellite uplink

• CDS Hexa- / Octo-Copter
• power 4KW (electric)
• vMax up to 110 kph (depending on payload)
• 30 Telemetry channels
• up to 75 redundant radio control frequencies
• >5km range • redundant battery system
• 14 redundant remote functions
• ready for takeoff in < 5 minutes
• multiple GPS positioning
• GPS fail safe / coming home + flight recorder
• operating temperaturs -10°C to +40°C
• flight time up to 30min (depending on payload)
• battery quick change (60 Sec.)
• gimbal & Payload quick change (60 Sec.)
• highly transportable (foldable for airplane transport)
• full HD (1080p) latency free (< 10mS) wireless video link

Jim Knopf – feature film (VR/360°)

For the 30 Mio.€ budgeted German production `Jim Knopf´ (Jim Button & Luke The Engine Driver) produced by Rat Pack in Co-Production with Warner Bros. and Malao Film, Camera Drone Services had been responsible for the coverage of the studio set ups at Studio Babelsberg (indoor/outdoor) with our Virtual Reality / 360° Systems.

It was very special to fly the drone, with our 360°-Rig mounted either on top or below the drone, through small caves, in big green screen studios like in the Marlene Dietrich Halle as well a flying through a small train tunnel and rafters of a Chinese tempel.
Besides a very stable drone rig it´s very important to have flying skills that allows you to hide or stand in places on set to fly the drone, where the camera/viewer isn´t able to see you instantly in the final clip, because the 360° camera System captures everything around it.

Studio Babelsberg – commercial

Studio Babelsberg choose Camera Drones Services to produce aerials and slow walkthroughs, with a drone in different heights, of their new Outdoor Location – The Metropolitan Backlot –  Neue Berliner Straße in 5K RAW shot on RED.

The 16 Million Euro location has 54 house facades, 4 streets a inner courtyard and a height up to 15m.
It was pretty special to cover everything in long takes and create fly throughs that allows the viewer to get a good impression of whats possible and how is everything connected to each other in that great location.

For that we had to fly very slow whilst keeping the system on position without any GPS or other positioning tools in pretty windy conditions besides walking the drone through the whole location, with its gangways and tunnels to and through the courtyard.
Thanks to our reliable systems and our experience Studio Babelsberg got some great footage which is used in their international promotion trailer/showreel.



BMWI – commercial

The Berlin based Production Company It´s us Media used our drone competences for their commercial production for BMWI (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie).

For this production our drone systems had been used for the drone establishing shots as well as a replacement for a crane. With this the production was able to save money besides having the flexibility of shooting different angles from very close positions to very far establishing shots within one shot.

Another special with this production was, that we had been able to fly in a night setup with light rain which worked perfect with our reliable systems and offers the production great shots with watered streets and roofs they usually would have needed an artificial wet-down for.


Warner Bros. – feature film

The Warner Bros., Barefootfilms and Producers at Work – Production Conni&Co. 2, directed by Til Schweiger, is the follow up of the Feature Film “Conni&Co.” that just started in cinemas with his daughter Emma Schweiger in the main cast.
Luckyly we had been able to show what´s possible with a professional drone system and an experienced team. So after we shot the pretty common establishing shoots as well as the VFX shoots we had been the third, the flying camera, on set for all other shots as well.
We did all that with our drones, what you would usually need a crane or a dolly for.
Most of the time we had to fly over water whilst chasing boats or pretending like a boat with a big crane rigged on it.
The starting and landing spots had also been on a shaky boat or on a raft.
Thanks to our reliable CDS-Dronesystems and our experienced team, we got more great content produced than originally requested which will also be used in the final movie.

History Channel – documentary

History Channel is well known for their big international documentaries from all over the world.
In Berlin we had a very special shooting for their documentary “Hunting Hitler“. On the location at the Brandenburg Gate, Street of 17th of June and the victory column we had to shoot the aerials for that special documentary about the last days of the WWII with our big drone systems.
With our reliable and redundant CDS – Dronesystems and our reputation we had been able to get the permission for the highly restricted flight zone close to the Reichstag and created the pictures the production needed and beyond.


Marco Brambilla – art

Marco Brambilla is a former Hollywood Director who directed the movie Demolition Man with a well know cast e.g. Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, Sandra Bullock, etc..

He now works more in the art sector and creates astonishing video art. Camera Drone Services, worked with him on his latest project which took place in Dresden and was first shown on the Biennale in Berlin.
The very special thing on this production was, that we had to fly indoors with a top mounted camera and in an almost completely dark silo with a belvedere in the middle. We had to fly different figures and corkscrews around the belvedere whilst keeping the artwork, the belvedere and the cast in the framing.  His work has also been exhibited in major collections worldwide including the Kunsthalle Bern, The Guggenheim Museum, theSan Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the ARCO foundation, Madrid, and the New Museum of Contemporary Art.