Studio Babelsberg – commercial

Studio Babelsberg choose Camera Drones Services to produce aerials and slow walkthroughs, with a drone in different heights, of their new Outdoor Location – The Metropolitan Backlot –  Neue Berliner Straße in 5K RAW shot on RED.

The 16 Million Euro location has 54 house facades, 4 streets a inner courtyard and a height up to 15m.
It was pretty special to cover everything in long takes and create fly throughs that allows the viewer to get a good impression of whats possible and how is everything connected to each other in that great location.

For that we had to fly very slow whilst keeping the system on position without any GPS or other positioning tools in pretty windy conditions besides walking the drone through the whole location, with its gangways and tunnels to and through the courtyard.
Thanks to our reliable systems and our experience Studio Babelsberg got some great footage which is used in their international promotion trailer/showreel.



Marco Brambilla – art

Marco Brambilla is a former Hollywood Director who directed the movie Demolition Man with a well know cast e.g. Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, Sandra Bullock, etc..

He now works more in the art sector and creates astonishing video art. Camera Drone Services, worked with him on his latest project which took place in Dresden and was first shown on the Biennale in Berlin.
The very special thing on this production was, that we had to fly indoors with a top mounted camera and in an almost completely dark silo with a belvedere in the middle. We had to fly different figures and corkscrews around the belvedere whilst keeping the artwork, the belvedere and the cast in the framing.  His work has also been exhibited in major collections worldwide including the Kunsthalle Bern, The Guggenheim Museum, theSan Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the ARCO foundation, Madrid, and the New Museum of Contemporary Art.