The very compact, high performance Drone Systems of CDS Drones are prepared for all new possibilities and unimagined flexibilty in production.
We are able to switch the camera position from bottom to top with a quick change system which is absolutely rocksolid and fully stabilized and offers a whole new option to create outstanding pictures.

Arri Mini, R.E.D. and many more can now be flown in very dynamic sequences whilst keeping the pictures fully stabilized. This expands the possibilities of a Dolly + Crane by multiple times while keeping a consistent quality. Simultaneously you can save time and personell which leads to lower overall costs.

CDS Drones is taking care of all security needs as well by checking the systems constantly and by keeping the systems up to date.

For further details and booking you are welcome to send us an eMail

technical details

• Hexa- / Octo-Copter
• Power > 4KW
• speed > 110 kph
• Payload up to 20 kg
• Full HD (1080p) wireless videolink
• 30 Telemetry channels
• 75 redundant frequencies
• 2 x 14 redundant remote functions
• ready for takeoff in two minutes
• GPS positioning / waypoints (3cm accuracy)
• GPS fail safe / coming home
• flight recorder
• flight time (full payload) >15 Min.
• Battery quick change (60 Sec.)
• Gimbal & Payload quick change (60 Sec.)