CDS Drones | Flight Services

Our services entail flying over various locations, including land, real estate, and industrial facilities. This is usually used by our customers for surveying, analysis, inspection and monitoring of structures, infrastructure and industrial facilities. Our experienced CDS Drones-Pilots carry out the flights with the highest precision and care to achieve optimal results. Our drones undergo regular maintenance by our professionals to ensure seamless operation and safety. equipped with the latest technology and

CDS Drones | Industry

Industrial facilities

Our drones offer a fast, efficient and sustainable way to provide safe, accurate and comprehensive inspection and documentation of industrial facilities.

Due to their ability to reach heights and locations that are inaccessible or dangerous to humans, drones serve as a secure substitute for inspections.

CDS Drones | Real Estate

Real Estate / Construction

We conduct efficient and accurate surveys and data collection of terrain and infrastructure. Drones are equipped with the latest technology to capture detailed data using high resolution LIDAR scanners, RGB cameras and thermal cameras. This enables the creation of precise 3D models and terrain to facilitate accurate analysis, measurements, and planning of construction projects.

Our customers receive a comprehensive data set for evaluation from our experts.

CDS Drones | Security

Security / Surveillance

Efficient surveillance and security of events, construction sites, objects and other facilities. Our drones are equipped with advanced high-end cameras and sensors to facilitate comprehensive data collection and surveillance.

We work closely with our customers to understand specific security requirements and develop customized solutions that allow for prompt responses to emergent events.


The CDS-DroneSchool provides professional training for the safe operation of drone systems, making drones an excellent addition for employees. This ensures every flight to be executed safely and efficiently.


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