Drone solutions for security/surveillance

The use of drones in security companies offers significant advantages over conventional methods.
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Security surveillance: Live – video and thermal image monitoring, autonomous monitoring incl. monitoring from the control center.

Object/Site security

Directly from control center: deter/address by flying loudspeaker/searchlight. Plan missions & create flight routes for optimal surveillance.

Extension to security staff

Drone serves as an extension tha compliments and provides an opportunity for further employee training and improved competitiveness in the market through the use of drones.

Mission details

Wide-angle, zoom, and thermal cameras combined with a laser rangefinder captures aerial imagery data in real time.

Data security

Private cloud hosting is supported and enables secure storage of data.

Simple configuration

Installation and configuration only requires access to electricity and internet.

Application examples


Easy surveillance of properties, private areas, inaccessible grounds, rugged and vegetated terrains. Flight routes can be set up easily and efficiently.

Construction site safety

Drones offer simple and efficient surveillance of construction sites 24/7 from the central command cente. High-resolution thermal imaging cameras, vision sensors, additional lighting, and other features enable quick detection of trespassers. Flight routes can be planned and created for optimized and routine surveillance.

Extensive aerial data collection including live, video and thermal image monitoring. Easy, accurate and secure detection of security breaches such as unauthorized persons, open doors, temperature changes, etc.

How does it work?

Standardized solutions (drone hangar)

The drone hangar is robust, reliable and designed to operate regardless of weather conditions or time of day.

Each hangar houses a drone that lands, recharges, takes off, and carries out missions that can be conveniently and securely managed/monitored remotely using the accompanying software.

  • Complete cloud control
    Plan missions, create, edit and manage flight routes incl. cloud connectivity options.
  • Mission details with one click
    Integrated wide-angle, zoom, and thermal imaging cameras, in combination with a laser rangefinder, can capture the required aerial data in real-time.

    - Thermal imaging camera: 640x512px resolution
    - Wide-angle camera: 12 MP
    - Zoom camera 48 MP: 16x optical zoom // 200x maximum zoom
    - Laser module: 3-1200m
  • Coverage of large areas
    Once fully charged, the drone can fly for 40 minutes and carry out missions up to 7km away from the hangar. Moreover, the system comes equipped with a backup battery system.
  • Usage without interruptions
    The drone exhibits high-end performance, including wind resistance of up to 15m/s, IP55 protection, and a maximum speed of 23m/s.

5 hours

Emergency battery

6 Monate

Maintenance interval


Protection type

Simple configuration

Hangar weighs >105kg and has a surface of ~1m^2. Setup requires attachment to the ground, access to power and internet. Quick configuration via the associated remote control.

40 kA

Surge protection

Active temperature control

For fast charging + drone safety


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