Drone FAQ

1. How can CDS Drones help me realize my projects?

CDS Drones is your ideal partner for professional drone services. We support you in the implementation of drone systems, advise you at any time on all technical aspects related to drone applications and assist you in reviewing and optimizing your drone business model. We offer training at our CDS-DroneSchool for drone pilots. Moreover, we offer extensive consulting and development of UAVs within innovation projects.

Furthermore, we develop existing products to expand and optimize their applicability or develop entirely new products as customized solutions for our customers.

Among other things, our services entail flying over various locations, including land, real estate and industrial facilities. This is usually used by our customers for surveying, analysis, inspection and monitoring of structures, infrastructure and industrial facilities.

2. How does CDS Drones use drone technology?

CDS Drones utilize drones that enable the implementation of various of systems, including inspection, surveying and documentation tools while in flight. These drones can operate with ease and safety in both outdoor and indoor environments, allowing for close proximity to objects for tasks such as inspection or measurement. Due to the advanced technology used, countless possibilities for various applications are viable.

3. Will I save costs by booking CDS Drones?

There are many ways to save costs by using drones:

Compared to conventional methods such as helicopters, cranes, lifts and scaffolding, drones are extremely cost-effective and flexible. They are quickly ready for use, have small dimensions and minimize risks. The expensive and often risky use of industrial climbers can often be replaced by drones. In addition, inspection time can be significantly reduced in many cases and closures of buildings and grounds can be avoided. Since drone inspections do not require downtime, costs for lost production can be avoided.

By booking our CDS Drones-Experts, time and therefore costs are consequently saved within many projects.

4. What advantages do drones offer for inspections and documentation?

Utilizing drones provides numerous benefits for conducting inspections and documenting hard-to-access areas or viewpoints. In many instances, inspection times can be greatly reduced and the need for closures of buildings and terrain can be circumvented. This enables more frequent documentation at shorter intervals. Additionally, drones can revisit documented locations repeatedly, enabling precise before-and-after comparisons. Consequently, project deviations can be addressed more rapidly, potentially resulting in substantial cost savings.

5. Is it my responsibility as a customer to apply for the flight permit?

As a full-service provider, CDS Drones takes care of the necessary permits and formalities upon request. We procure both the flight permit and all other necessary permits from other authorities such as the public order office, traffic management office, green space office, etc.

6. How is a drone piloted?

Normally, a drone is controlled by a traditional remote control, which is also common in model aviation. This allows for precise control. In special applications, we additionally use a ground control station, which supports a partially autonomous flight and corresponding flight route planning.

7. How long, how far and how high can drones fly?

The duration of a drone’s flight depends on various factors, including the drone’s design, type of battery technology utilized and payload. Environmental conditions such as wind, rain, flight dynamics, speed and trajectory also impact flight time. Depending on these variables, flight time can range from 15 minutes to as long as an hour. At CDS Drones, all flight projects are carefully planned, where these factors to be taken into account at an early stage.

8. Do I need a permit to fly as a pilot?

Yes. The use of drones, regardless of whether it is for private or commercial use, requires a permit from the locally responsible authority of the respective state or country. Typically, further evidence must be attached to the application form, such as a certificate of insurance for liability insurance, information about training or experience of the pilot and technical information about the drone.

9. Are there potential safety issues associated with drones?

We only use drones of the highest technical quality, which regularly undergo comprehensive safety checks. Before and after each mission, our drones are fully serviced and detailed checklists are worked through during the flight to ensure maximum safety.

10. Do I need insurance as a customer?

Customers are not obligated to acquire insurance when CDS Drones are conducting the flights, as all flights are covered by a legally required liability insurance. However, in exceptional cases where additional insurance is needed, CDS Drones has suitable service providers available and collaborates with customers to plan accordingly.

11. Do I need insurance as a pilot?

Yes. When using drones, it is essential to obtain a specialized drone liability insurance that covers harm to individuals and property. A general business liability insurance is not sufficient in this case.

12. Where can I learn to fly drones? What is the level of training effort required?

We offer various courses in our CDS-DroneSchool.

In general, the fundamentals of flying can be taught within about 8 hours of training. Pilots who will undertake more challenging assignments may need to receive advanced training. The duration of the training period varies based on the pilot’s existing abilities and proficiency.

13. What kind of data do I get after an inspection / measurement?

Depending on the sensor technology used, you will be provided with high-resolution images, point clouds or databases in line with your project specifications. The files will be supplied in the appropriate format. Upon request, we can manage the post-processing and assessment of the aerial images created.

14. What happens in case of radio link failure?

If the radio connection is interrupted, the so-called failsafe routine intervenes and the drone then independently returns to its starting point.

15. Can I buy a drone from CDS Drones?

Yes, we offer various drones and accessories in our CDS Drones-Shop.

We are happy to assist you in finding a suitable drone.

16. What should be considered when repairing and maintaining a drone?

It is essential to maintain drones correctly and promptly repair them in cases of damage or wear. It is advised that all maintenence work is performed exclusively by professionals.

17. Are the drones used by CDS Drones suitable for indoor use?

The drones used by CDS Drones are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. To launch and land the drone in areas that are not vacant, an area of about 3m x 3m is required. Otherwise, an area slightly larger than the diameter of the drone will suffice.

18. How expensive is a drone and the necessary accessories?

The cost of a drone and the required accessories varies considerably depending on the intended use and technical requirements. The price range for a professional drone is between €5,000 and €350,000, depending on equipment and functionality. In addition, the cost of the equipment carried by the drone must be taken into account.

Less expensive kits and toys that can be assembled by hobbyists are also available. However, these kits usually do not undergo comprehensive testing, test routines, quality assurance and may lack the impact capabilities provided by professional manufacturers.

19. Can CDS Drones also consider and implement special requests?

Yes, drones are extremely versatile and can be adapted and used for various purposes. If you have special requirements, we at CDS Drones are the ideal partner for you. We provide personalized advice and will find the best solution for your project.

20. How much weight can a drone carry?

Our largest drone, which holds international certification, can transport up to 20kg.


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