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With over 16 years of experience, we have aquired comprehensive expertise in providing consultation services in the drone segment.


We support you in the implementation of drone systems by first conducting a comprehensive analysis of your existing structures. In doing so, we take into account the already existing administrative, business and technical structure. Based on our analysis, we provide detailed consultation on which areas are in need of adjustments to successfully implement drone applications in your business.

Regulatory Aspects

We have extensive experience in all relevant approval and certification processes required for operating drones. These processes are typically an integral part of our consultation services. We support you in complying with various legal requirements, aviation guidelines, and certifications. We are also happy to assist you in creating necessary documentation including user manuals, technical data sheets, CE certification, and more.

Technical Aspects

We are happy to advise you at any time on all technical aspects related to drone applications. Due to our comprehensive expertise, we are able to efficiently implement solutions for your drone applications with you in the shortest possible time. This begins with the fundamental decision of whether it makes sense to develop a custom drone system or whether a suitable drone system is already available on the market for your application. In addition, we evaluate the possibility of adapting existing systems to the technical requirements of your use case.

Economic/Business Aspects

Due to our many years of business experience, we are able to fully support you in reviewing and optimizing your drone business model. Using a thorough cost-benefit analysis of your business model, we can quickly outline the necessary adjustments for your technical, personnel and capital needs.


In our CDS-DroneSchool, you and your staff can benefit from professional training regarding the safe usage of drone systems to ensure that every flight can be conducted safely and efficiently.


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