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We develop existing products to expand and optimize their applicability or develop entirely new products as customized solutions for our clients.

Product optimization

We optimize existing products to improve their performance and keep them up-to-date with the latest technology. Additionally, we expand the application areas of customer products through targeted optimization. With our professional equipped lab, we are able to handle optimizations in various areas. Our many years of experience enable us to quickly and reliably identify and implement optimization opportunities.


Our work encompasses a complete development process that include CE certifications, user manuals, and other project-related documentation. This also involves testing and documenting the various prototype systems, which are then thoroughly analyzed and, if necessary, adjusted further. The documentation ensures that individual stages of development are comprehensively documented and can be compared with the current state of the project.

Client developments

Our services include developing innovative components and applications, supporting you throughout the entire process from conceptualization to market launch. We maintain close collaboration with you to ensure an active participation in the development process. Our portfolio of successfully completed projects and references provides an initial overview of the diverse developments we have successfully delivered for our clients.

In-house developments

Our unrelenting pursuit for innovation keeps us consistently working on our proprietary developments, which have already led to our own patent. Among these are our #CDSSELECTION-Batteries, whose performance test procedure was developed to meet the highest demands. They are utilized not only in CDS Drones development projects but also in demanding customer projects with stringent requirements for performance and safety.


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