Drones in Real Estate/Construction

Drones in real estate/construction offer significant advantages over conventional methods.
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Inspection of buildings

Detection of damage e.g. with thermal cameras, LIDAR scanners, high-resolution RGB cameras etc. for visualization/measurement of leaks, cracks, etc.

Construction planning/documentation

LIDAR scans, videos, and photographs, along with photogrammetry techniques, can be used to create a 3D model of a construction project for visualization and documentation purposes.


Surveying/measurement of terrains, land areas, infrastructure and real estate with various sensors. Measurements are highly percise, in the millimeter range, due to the use of advanced technology.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Security surveillance on construction sites: Live, video and thermal imaging surveillance, autonomous surveillance incl. monitoring from the control center, deterrence/addressing by flying loudspeaker/searchlight.

Construction site safety

Measurements at all altitudes, such as at high-risk buildings or bridges, to detect potential collapse risks, take samples, measure air and ground pollutants, and detect fire sources at an early stage.

Data security

Secure data transfer and storage, redundant servers, data encryption, large data storage, offsite server backup, hardware + software firewalls, fast data exchange.

Application examples

Plots of land

Terrains, including those that are impassable or rugged, or covered with vegetation, can be surveyed with precision to generate accurate landscape representation and models. Feasibility studies for earthwork planning, such as quantity survey, mass excavation, and excavation calculations, can also be executed. The technology offers high reliability even under harsh weather and environmental conditions ranging from minus 20°C to 50°C.

Inspection of structures

Drones can help verify the presence of heat, cold, and water leaks, providing precise support and ensuring quality throughout the construction cycle and after completion. The 3D modeling generated by photogrammetric images can be used to obtain images and measurements for analysis purposes.

Existing properties

Data collection from the air can be conducted in a unique and comprehensive manner, facilitating the easy, precise, and safe detection of damage through photo and video footage. The use of thermal cameras enables the visualization and measurement of temperature differences in insulation and solar panels. Furthermore, drones can fly through buildings to conduct indoor measurements. This technology can also be used for planning and surveying premises and detecting damage using UVC with video and thermal scanners.

How does it work?

UAV Lase scan (LiDAR)

Production of a point cloud with color representation of height differences for simplified visualization. This procedure allows precise measurements, documentation and realistic views as well as panoramas. The point cloud serves as a basis for further processing for subsequent 3D modeling and 2D plan generation. LiDAR scans offer a high point accuracy of 10mm. At a higher flight altitude of about 100m, in order to capture very large areas in a very short time, the accuracy is still in the range of 10mm.

UAV Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry is a technique used to create 3D models of objects and environments using high-resolution photographs taken from different angles. The photographs are then uploaded into specialized software, which identifies common points in the images and uses them to create a 3D point cloud. This material can be used to immediately calculate lengths, areas, and volumes, enabling a preliminary evaluation. By optimizing the parameters, the best possible outcome can be achieved.


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