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Service & Support

We provide customized solutions for specific operations and offer prompt support through the utilization of drones.


Our CDS Drones-Experts offer extensive consultation on all matters pertaining to drones. We conduct accurate analyses, assessments, and testing to establish a solid foundation for decision-making. Furthermore, we assist with training and ensure the optimal customization of drone applications to meet individual requirements, thus creating tailored solutions.


Our CDS-DroneSchool provides exclusive training programs that equip personnel with the necessary skills to safely operate drone systems in a professional capacity. Our courses are designed to cater to individual requirements, offering practical and comprehensive training.


Flight Services

Our flight services entail aerial surveys/commissioned flights of diverse locations, including land, real estate, and industrial facilities, for purposes such as surveying, analysis, monitoring, and inspection.

To ensure optimal outcomes, we employ our skilled CDS Drones-Pilots, who operate with the highest percision and attentiveness. Our drones are equipped with advanced technology and are regularly serviced and inspected by our experts to ensure seamless functionality and maximum safety.

CDS-Flight Services


We assist our clients in the creation of innovative components and applications, providing support throughout the entire process from conceptualization to market release. Our services encompass the entire development cycle, including CE certification, operational guidelines, and other pertinent documentation.


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