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We advise on all aspects of drones.
We take into account all technical, business and regulatory aspects .
For the best possible risk minimization in development and production as well as in the application of business models.


From development to material selection to component comparison: in numerous projects we have gained extensive experience on target-oriented product and material combinations and bring this to bear in all projects.


In addition to optimizing existing products, we develop new and expanded components both on behalf of customers and for our own applications in order to achieve improved (flight) properties. This also results in our own patent applications.


Whether film, television, industrial or energy systems: through the use of drones, we often offer individual solutions for special applications at short notice. Proven concepts can then be transferred to your own employees through training.


Consulting and Services
around Drones & UAV

Do you use drones in a business or operational environment?
Do you know the current and especially the future requirements for drone products and services?


We support the development of individual components as well as the integration of existing, tried and tested components. We are also happy to take on completely new developments!


We analyze the necessary and sensible production steps on the basis of the individual vertical integration. From this we derive a safe production process and implement it.

Quality Assurance

The demands on drones are increasing. This makes quality assurance in development and production a central component for companies with drones on offer or in use.


All of our pilots have extensive expertise (or professional experience) and of course have the necessary evidence.

Permissiones & Law

We have mastered all the approval and approval-related processes required for flying, which we usually plan as a fixed component.

Individual Consulting

Do you have a special challenge in your project or with your product? Talk to us in order to work out the optimal solution together.

Let’s talk about your drone project! Book your 1:1 strategy session now.

Projects & References

Some excerpts from projects show the diversity of our experiences and mastered challenges.


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