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Background | CDS Drones

CDS Drones specializes in providing consulting, development, and service related to drones.

CDS Drones began in the media industry, using drones primarily for advertising, filmmaking and live TV broadcasts. Due to the increasing number of customer inquiries in the areas of consulting, development and system implementation, CDS Drones has continued to specialize in these areas. CDS Drones is a reliable partner for companies, corporations and governments when it comes to the use and development of drones (UAVs, UGVs, USVs – UXVs).

The expertise at CDS Drones can be largely attributed to its founder and CEO, Matthias Pieper, who has amassed 20 years of experience working with international clients and overseeing various projects. Matthias Pieper has invested thousands of hours practicing his skills in flight, driving and system control across various systems and configurations. Additionally, he oversees the entire process of conceptualization, consulting, technical development, CE certification, patent application, training and system implementation in collaboration with clients.

Since CDS Drones was founded, we have consistently focused on providing quality system solutions and offering our customers long-term and sustainable solutions. We always work closely with our customers to ensure that we understand their needs and requirements to find the right solution with our expertise.

If you would like to learn more about CDS Drones and our services, please feel free to email us or give us a call. We are happy to offer a free initial consultation.


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