FIA FormulaE – live TV-broadcast

For the double race of FIA FormulaE in Berlin, FIA used the most advanced CDS Drones Live Broadcast Setup to produce high-end live content for their international TV Live-Streams.

The CDS Broadcast drones are capable of flying high speeds (over 100kph) whilst having a flight time of more than 15min. With our battery quick change system the drone pit-stop takes less than 90Sec..
With this very special setup we have Broadcast video link on board which is able to sent directly to the SNG/Broadcaster in a bandwith of 2, 3 or 7GHz in 1080p 25 or 1080i 50. With the telemetry module included the broadcaster is able to change the camera settings like Iris, focus, colors, etc. instantly from the directors place, SNG or wherever they wanna have things set up, via remote control.

Besides the Broadcast RF-Modul and the remote controllable camera CDS Drones uses a parallel latency free video link onboard besides a live recording module in the drone and in our DroneShuttle ground station. With this the client has a multiple redundancy in our CDS Drone system itself besides having his own rock solid connection to the camera for the live stream.


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