GiG – commercial (VR/360°)

With our special CDS VR/360°- Drone Systems we had been responsible for the new VR/360° Flight over Malta commercial for GiG (Gaming Innovation Group). Due to our reliable Systems, the precise flight plannings and the accurate risk management planning, we had even been able to fly in sensitive areas with permission by the Maltese aerial authorities.
We had been able to cover the Maltese harbour, as well as Valetta City with it`s fortifications, Manoel Island and St. Julians bay area alongside with the inner countryside in the beautiful city of Msida.
Even in the high wind speed situations on the coastline with wind gusts over 60km/h we had been able to deliver rocksolid footage and fulfill the requirements of our client.
Due to the long range, latency free video transmission we had been able to perform long range flights on the coastline whilst having a full overview about the covered scenarios.

Sky – commercial

The newest Sky Commercial for the upcoming soccer season features one of the famous football stadiums in Berlin. We had been responsible to deliver high-end 8K content to Sky for the opening sequence of their newest TVC. Besides that we delivered some key shots with our handheld system. Due to the quick release system we use, we had been able to avoid long setup changes and just grab the setup we used in the drone to use it handheld immidiatly. Time was very important in this case due to the fact that all pictures should have been shot while the match was going on in the magic hour of the late afternoon.

Due to the planned digital add ons in the post production it was very important that the content was very smooth and stable. We had been able to match these requirements with our precisely balanced and finetuned stabilizing system.

Siemens – commercial (VR/360°)

For this special Siemens 360° corporate-commercial, produced by Embassy of Dreams, we had again been able to proof the efficiency of our high performance drones with the fully stabilized 360°-System attached. With the CDS Drones 360°-Drone-System we are able to create a fully 360° field of view which offers the ability to the post production to get rid of the drone in the video content and to create a whole new immersive viewing experience to the viewer. With the newest Claas-Tractor on the market, equipped with high end Siemens-technology plowing a field super precisely we had the chance to collect some stunning 360° content whilst orbiting and chasing the tractor in action.

More infos and the final clips on the Siemens-website: Future Makers

MINI – commercial (VR/360°)

One of the most famous rallys of the World – Rally Dakar – is especially famous for its hard terrain, speed, weather and the huge distances, which proofs man and machine at its fullest.
In preparation of this endurance race we had been able to show how we would manage such competition. We had at least four weeks to set up a drone system, which is capable to fly over 100kph at a height of 5m with a total weight of 12kg and is capable of carrying different, heavy 360°-camera rigs.

This special production with the MINI John Cooper Works X-Raid – Rally Team was also about setting a new reference in VR/360° production which worked out great!
Besides having the estimated content and beyond we set a record with our drones – 110kph at a height of 2m over ground less than 2m parallel to the MINI rally car which we had to chase for some sequences of this commercial.
In this shots we had been able to hold this pace over several kilometers whilst offering different camera angles to the director.
For some shots we had to switch to a different 360° camera rig which was able to capture up to 120fps but with a rolling shutter only – even this content was completely steady and didn’t need any rolling shutter fixing or post stabilization even at the speed of 110kph.
The whole commercial was produced on our CDS – drone systems and outreached every expectation of our customer and director Sandro Cannova which commented our performance with – “The real Top Gun! – with a free floating camera system that can do stationary shots as well as moving shots to up to 110kph! What else could you ask for?”